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The China Business Top 500 Listd Companies Award

The China Business Top 500 Listd Companies Award

The China Business Top 500 Listed Companies Award is one of the authoritative selection activities for listed companies. It has been awarded annually since 2001. Taking the operating performance of listed companies as the first core indicator, the CBT 500 Awards are organized and selected according to the principles of objectivity, impartiality and openness.

China Top 500 Enterprises Award 2023

Selection Progress


25 October - 22 November
Listed companies apply for awards


23 November - 26 November
Organizing experts for selection


Before 27 November
The winning listed companies will be notified by e-mail


4 December
Officially announce the winners and present awards

Selection Object

Based on the principles of fairness, impartiality and openness, all listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, all Chinese companies listed (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) all over the world, all companies listed on the Growth Enterprise Market and New Third Board are the selection objects of the CBT 500 enterprise awards. The chairman and Secretary of the board of directors of the corresponding listed enterprises are selected as the selection objects of the top 100 individual awards.

Selection Method

The list of "China Business Top 500 Enterprise Award" and "China Business Top 300 High-growth Enterprise Award" has been announced (see the list for details). Except for "CBT 500 Enterprise Award" and "CBT 100 High-growth Enterprise Award", enterprises need to choose whether to participate in the evaluation for all other awards (unlimited number, individual awards shall be collected in person). If any company or individual intends to participate in the award selection, please tick the corresponding award on the participation receipt in the registration process and return it to the organizing committee as soon as possible. Based on the principles of fairness, impartiality and openness, the organizing committee will organize relevant experts to conduct professional evaluations among all companies applying for the evaluation after the collection of registration information and award application information. Listed companies are welcome to provide selection materials.

Special note: The selection of the CBT 500 Annual Awards and the CBT 100 Special Awards will not be set up for public voting. All awards can only be collected on-site after registration and participation. Reissue and mailing applications for any reason will not be accepted. There is no fee for all award selections.

List Of Winners


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