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The Symposium held by CBT 100 forum in Beijing was a complete success

Release Date:2021-07-30 Source:Warton Economic Institute

On July 29, the China Business Top 100 Forum was successfully held in Beijing. Leaders from nine top 500 companies including China State Construction, China Railway Construction, China Energy Construction, China Chemical, China Railway Group, China Metallurgical Corporation, China Communications Construction, China Power Construction, and China Coal Energy attended the meeting. Chairman of the CBT 100 Forum, Warton Economics Shen Hanyao, Dean of the Research Institute, attended the meeting and delivered a keynote speech on the synergy strategy of the top 500 enterprises.


Shen Hanyao pointed out that the total profits of the top 500 companies account for more than 95% of the total profits of all listed companies, and they are the well-deserved main force in China's economic development. In order to better play the role of the main force of the top 500 enterprises, the CBT 100 Forum divides the top 500 enterprise group into four echelons according to their functions and role, so as to strengthen the cooperation among the top 500 enterprises of each echelon, form a joint fleet of the top 500 enterprise groups and become more competitive. The first echelon consists of 117 development and construction enterprises, the second echelon consists of 211 manufacturing companies, the third echelon consists of 92 service enterprises such as commerce, transportation and communications, and the fourth echelon consists of 80 financial enterprises. In order to guide and organize the coordinated development of the top 500 enterprises and achieve a win-win situation, this time, a symposium for the enterprises in the first echelon was specially held, focusing on special exchanges and discussions on the coordinated development of the enterprises in development and construction. The Warton Economic Research Institute and the CBT 100 Forum will conduct in-depth research on key issues of common concern on the basis of fully absorbing the opinions of the companies participating in the conference, and plan and design a feasible strategic coordinated action plan to guide the top 500 companies to better "Being stronger and bigger" and growing into the best listed company in China with "both internal and external cultivation". The follow-up CBT100 Forum and the Warton Economic Research Institute will also organize forums and exchange activities for the top 500 companies in each echelon according to the strategic deployment of the four echelons, so as to promote the strategic coordinated development of the top 500 companies on a larger scale.

Leaders of the top 500 enterprises, including Xue Keqing, secretary of the board of directors of China Construction, Zhao Dengshan, secretary of the board of directors of China Railway Construction, Duan Qiurong, secretary of the board of directors of China Energy Construction, and Li Tao, secretary of the board of directors of China Chemical, gave speeches successively to introduce the development of enterprises, exchange opinions on collaborative development, and express their willingness to actively participate in the coordinated development action of the top 500 enterprises organized by the CBT 100 forum.


Relevant persons in charge of China Business Top 100 Forum and Warton Economic Institute attended the event.