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Zhang Youyi, Managing Director of CBT 500 Listed Companies Alliance, talks with St. John, Chairman of St. John's Group

Release Date:2022-07-31 Source:Warton Economic Institute

Zhang Youyi, managing director of CBT 500 Listed Companies Alliance and co-founder of CBT 100 Carbon Neutrality Fund, had a meeting with Mr. St. John, founder and chairman of St. John's Consulting Group, the world's largest independent stock capital market consultancy. The two sides conducted extensive discussions on the areas of Chinese enterprises going to Europe and global listing and financing, green bonds, green finance, and corporate equity financing, and reached a number of consensuses.


 (Photo: Managing Director Zhang Youyi met with Chairman St. John's)

St. John's Consulting is the only equity capital market advisor in the world with a 100% successful listing record.Since its establishment in 2008, St. John's Consulting and its sister companies have successfully raised over EUR 400 billion for issuers through nearly a thousand financing transactions.St. John's Consulting focuses on the stock capital market, only serving issuers and selling shareholders, and is committed to optimizing the value of its stock offerings, thereby avoiding structural conflicts of interest that are common in underwriting investment banks. Nearly 30 partners and special advisors of St. John's Consulting have extensive experience in international capital markets. For the past 35 years, they have worked for the world's most prominent investment banks, directly leading and managing the operations of their Equity Capital Markets division. During this time, they successfully completed capital markets projects totaling over $500 billion in more than 40 countries, and led the execution of the largest and most complex series of equity offerings at the time. 


(Photo: Managing Director Zhang Youyi and Chairman St. John's reached a number of consensuses) 

In recent years, St. John's Consulting has directly guided many of the most influential securities offerings in the Asian and European markets, whether listed in London or in Zurich or various other European markets. These include the Dutch Inpost IPO (2021, with a financing amount of 3.2 billion euros, the largest IPO in Europe in 2021), Spain's Acciona Energía IPO (2020, with a financing of 1.5 billion euros, Spain's largest IPO in 7 years), Japan's Net Protection IPO (2021, raising 67.7 billion yen), Sweden Nordnet IPO (2020, raising 1 billion US dollars), of which STJ helped clients raise 12 billion euros in various acquisitions last year alone. In addition, in November last year, STJ also listed a SPAC in the Netherlands as a sponsor, raising 175 million euros, which is the largest SPAC issuance in Europe in the second half of this year.

Compared with international investment banks and other listing consultants, St. John's Consulting has the following unique competitive advantages:

1. 100% IPO success rate in listing;

2. Optimal stock pricing (the first-day increase in the first day of listing and trading it guides maintains year-round 5-10%, creating the best and greatest value for issuers and selling shareholders);

3. Issuer stock stories structured by former senior stock analysts who are ranked first in the industry, using big data and artificial intelligence to analyze Skilled in finding and expanding potential investor groups;

4. Rich experience in managing large-scale underwriting syndicates and third-party advisory teams.


(Photo: Mr. Guan Yun, President of St. John's Group China, attended the meeting with Managing Director Zhang Youyi)

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