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Zhang Youyi,Managing Director of China Business Top 500 Alliance, talks with Benjamin Wegg-Prosser, CEO of the British Global Council

Release Date:2022-06-29 Source:Warton Economic Institute

Zhang Youyi, managing director of CBT 500 Listed Companies Alliance and CBT 100 Carbon Neutrality Fund, recently held talks with Mr Benjamin, secretary and director of strategic communication of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and co-founder and CEO of global Council, a global high-end consulting agency. The two sides had extensive and in-depth exchanges on scientific and technological innovation in green finance, green bonds, green low-carbon, medical and health care, and China EU two-way investment, gold currency and the world 100 cities expo.


 Zhang Youyi, managing director, meets with CEO Benjamin Wegg-Prosser

Global Counsel (GC) was founded by Mr Lord Mandelson, a British heavyweight politician. He is currently the chairman of the China-Britain Association and a benchmark figure in the UK's friendship with China. He has held several Cabinet positions under Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, including Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills. Mr Benjamin and Mr Lord Mandelson have deep resource relationships in European and American political and business circles. Many GC members have been senior officials in Europe and the United Kingdom. Their primary business is strategic consulting in global politics, business, regulation, and public policy.


Premier Li Keqiang and Mr Lord Mandelson co-chaired the China EU high-end business conference

Global Council helps many large Chinese enterprises enter Europe, North America, and the Middle East markets. Chinese enterprises are interested in promoting internationalisation strategies. GC can provide top-level strategic consulting and resource integration in seeking market access, expanding government relations, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, and enterprise or project financing in Europe and the United States. In the turbulent international environment, the CBT 500 alliance and GC are working together to jointly promote China EU two-way cooperation and win-win results.