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China Business Top100 Listed Companies Forum

China Top 100 Listed Companies Forum was founded in 2001 by the Warton Economic Institute (then named Shanghai Economic Development Institute). The in-depth high-end discussion platform with the development plan as the central topic is also a unique mechanism and platform for the top 100 enterprises and entrepreneurs to exchange experience and enhance cooperation. Over the past 21 years, the Forum of China's Top 100 Listed Companies has been expanding its influence and role, making a unique


Previous guest

Zhu Aixun

Executive Vice Mayor of Wuxi

Zhao Jianming

Member of the Standing Committee of Zhangjiagang

Li Zijun

Deputy Mayor of Jinan

Zhu Ming

Former Vice President of the IMF

Song Zhiping

President of the CAOLC

Li Jinhua

Vice chairman of the 11th CPPCC National Committee

Huang Qifan

Vice President of the CCFIEE

Zhou Yupeng

Deputy Mayor of Shanghai

Hong Yinxing

Communist party secretary of Nanjing University

Hou Yunchun

Deputy Director of DRC of State Council

Fan Hengshan

Deputy Secretary of the National D&R Commission

Li Changjin

Party Secretary and Chairman of CREG

Liu Shaoyong

Party Secretary and Chairman of CEAG

Hua Sheng

President of Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Branch

Chen Jinbiao

Executive vice mayor of Quzhou

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